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HistoBlast: January 2021

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Thank you:

For your belief in us.
You trusted our teams and our systems in a year that was particularly disjointed. That means a lot to us. Our US, European, and now China teams all look forward to earn the right to be your global partner.

For teaching us.
You have made us better scientifically and operationally. We treasure our scientific discourses with you and will continue to become more efficient and foster simplicity.

For keeping it real. Keeping it fun.
Your commitment and straight talk really help us get things done. Thanks for the moments of enjoyment along the way.

For reminding us of the patients we serve.
We celebrate your successes. We admire your persistence. Through both, we care for our patients.

From us, to you:
We thank you whole-heartedly and wish you a wonderful New Year.

News Updates

HistoGeneX-Caprion, backed by Arsenal Capital Partners, announced the following two acquisitions this month:

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Clinical Logistics, Inc.

  • Provides clinical trial services to global pharmaceutical and biotech companies
  • Specimen collection supplies
  • Customized specimen identification labels and kits
  • Specimen shipping coordination, management, and tracking

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Mosaic Laboratories, LLC

  • Pioneered multiplex chromogenic immunohistochemistry using multispectral imaging
  • Develops proprietary assays, tissue banks, and software algorithms to support data analysis
  • Highest-quality validated assays, vivid multiplex IHC images, and rapid development and implementation of new assays
  • Broad menu of central lab services, including histology, FISH, and ISH

Here's a summary of this month's global updates and expanded offerings.

  1. Updates on our China lab, including a new video.
  2. Meet our Scientific Business Directors.
  3. Our updated biomarker menu.
  4. Genomics in Naperville, IL (US).
  5. NovaSeq for Genomics.

China Updates

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Have a look for yourself at the finished laboratory!

Our last newsletter touched on our current services in Jining, which we have now expanded by two Dako Link Autostainers (IHC) and two Cobas z480s (real-time PCR).

From our most recent guests:

"We are in love with HistoGeneX-Caprion. The assay development report is written very logically and is clearly detailed. HistoGeneX-Caprion is a great example for other labs. Our collaboration with [their China laboratory] will be a long-term one."
- Assoc. Dir., Translational Medicine, Biopharma (Nov 2020)

Just before the close of 2020, we reached two new milestones. First, we successfully passed our CAP inspection in Jining! Official notification will come in 1-2 months. Second, our first flow cytometry samples were successfully analyzed. We are so proud of our teams and their collaboration to ensure our success.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our Scientific Business Team

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Introducing our Scientific Business Directors! This global team is comprised of specialists in the four major areas of service we offer: proteomics, immune monitoring, immunohistochemistry, and genomics. They are available to you, regardless of project size or location. Conversations will focus on your scientific needs to support your project's goals and methods.

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Discover how our biomarker platforms at HistoGeneX-Caprion examine the Cancer Immunity Cycle (CIC). Each step within the CIC presents unique parameters. From single-service to multimodal options, see how you can use our platforms to study the CIC. (Click to watch this video.)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a call with one or multiple team members and learn about the services we offer at each step. Our team can provide you with a presentation deck for your review.

Image adapted from Chen DS and Mellman I. Immunity 2013;39(1):1-10.

Biomarker Portfolio Updates

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Our biomarker portfolio is available for download.

Genomics Updates

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Our new Genomics laboratory space in Naperville.

Our Naperville, Illinois location now has genomics capabilities!

We have set up real-time PCR assays on these platforms:

  • PIK3CA (RotorGene)
  • BRAF (RotorGene, Cobas in Q2)
  • EGFR (Cobas)
  • MSI (Biocartis Idylla)
  • KRAS (Biocartis Idylla)
  • NRAS/BRAF (Biocartis Idylla)

Assay transfer on these platforms is also available. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The Genomics team is proud to announce that the Illumina NovaSeq 6000 instrument was successfully installed at our Antwerp, Belgium site.

The NovaSeq 6000 sequencer, with its two flow cells, multiple flow cell types and various read length combinations, allows effective throughput scaling to suit all study needs.

With multiple MiSeqDx instruments, a NextSeq550Dx and the new NovaSeq 6000 instrument, the Genomics laboratory is equipped for a wide range of applications, assays and studies.

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One of our in-house pathologists, Monika Lamba Saini, spoke to The Pathologist about the impact of the pandemic on digital pathology, or rather the benefit of digital pathology in time of a pandemic. Listen to her experience here.

Data Management

Our clients had this to say about our data management team:

"We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You!!" We are proud to say we work with such a great team and we ended this year with excellent performance. 2020 was an unprecedented year, but working together made us overcome all the challenges. Thank you to everyone for completing the external data transfer in a timely manner for each of our trials to make sure we achieved database lock per timelines. Your contributions matter to us. We are fortunate to have such a great group of individuals to work with and looking forward to a new year ahead!" - Global Data Manager, Pharma (Dec. 2020)


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Caprion-HistoGeneX is a leading provider of specialized precision medicine laboratory services to the biopharmaceutical industry. Leveraging its integrated analytical platforms in immunology, histopathology, proteomics and genomics, as well as related specimen collection and logistics services, Caprion-HistoGeneX supports the entire drug development cycle, from discovery to late-stage clinical trials. The company operates globally with 9 facilities located in Canada, USA, Belgium, Australia, and China.

For more information: www.caprion.com and www.histogenex.com.

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In 2020, we've showcased 4 webinars. In case you missed any of them, you can still view them as follows:

  1. Antigen Presentation: June 10, 2020
  2. Multi-disciplinary Measurement of Host Biomarkers: June 26, 2020
  3. COVID-19 Vaccine Development: Oct 1, 2020
  4. ICS & ELISpot: Oct 29, 2020

For a conversation about our laboratory, please contact your project manager, business development executive, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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