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January 2017

Our transatlantic biomarker laboratory continues to expand in both Belgium and the United States. In this issue, read how HistoGeneX has started the new year!

October 2016 Newsletter

The projects that you have been presenting to us have been increasing in scope, size, and novelty. To keep pace, HistoGeneX is in full building mode on both sides of the Atlantic. We are committed to using one quality system, one LIMs, and one project management system. Both our labs will have the necessary CAP, CLIA, and GLCP credentials.

July 2016 Newsletter

Midway through 2016, HistoGeneX is busily building both laboratories and novel services. In this issue, we share news of our Chicago laboratory and innovative immune-oncology development services.

April 2016 Newsletter

Coming to ASCO in Chicago? Contact us for a tour of our Chicago location! Our latest laboratory in the United States is a CAP, CLIA and GCP facility. We have worked hard to network our laboratory information, quality and project management systems to ensure that we are able to provide you with accurate and integrated services.

February 2016 Newsletter

Biomarkers, especially in immunotherapy, are creating changes, including us. We'll use Histo Highlights to let you know how we're expanding our technologies, capabilities, people and knowledge. Thank you for letting us be part of your journeys.