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Research Services


The HistoGeneX team come from extensive research-based backgrounds. Our team has trained in categories such as angiogenesis, tumor signaling, proliferation and apoptosis. Our laboratory infrastructure - equipment, instruments and data systems - are available to you for your research projects. In addition, we conduct our own research projects and we invite you to collaborate on these if they are of interest to you.

We provide high quality tissue morphology-based lab research services to pharmaceutical, medical device, and academic clients. Working in tissue-based discovery services since 2001, we offer a broad menu of morphology-based tests on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded or fresh frozen tissue. These morphology based-tests include IHC, IF, real-time PCR, epigenetics, multi-analyte IHC/IF and spectral imaging.

Our philosophy of standardization and high quality documentation extends to all research projects. Research summaries and validation reports are prepared by our PhD scientists and we welcome interim project updates and summaries to ensure we are on track with your objectives. These interim sessions are also valuable to modify or adapt protocols as necessary.

Research and Development

HistoGeneX funds and maintains an active Research and Development program. Leveraging its dual perspective as a clinical and research laboratory, HistoGenex contributes to vital personalized medicine topics using its deep pathology foundation. HistoGeneX is actively investigating these Research projects. Please contact us if you have research projects that may benefit from our expertise, personnel and facilities. We offer a collaborative environment using a Collaborative Research & Development Agreement (CRADA) that allows you to have access to our resources in a flexible and objective-oriented fashion.

We invite you to contact us for a discussion for your research project at HistoGeneX.