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Patient Testing

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Test Ordering

Please complete the Oncology Request Form ( English Version ) and send the completed form together with the specimens to:

Sint-Bavostraat 78-80
2610 Wilrijk (Antwerpen)


The requesting pathologist needs to complete and sign the Oncology Request Form. (ORF) 

Instructions for Completion of the Oncology Request Work Form

Incomplete (e.g. missing patient name, no requesting physician identity) or incorrect information (e.g. discordant information between the ORF and the included specimen) may cause delays in specimen processing since the sample will be detained until clarification and confirmation is obtained from the requesting pathologist. The clarification and confirmation are documented.

A disclaimer will appear on the report when important sample-associated details are unavailable (e.g. type or duration of fixative). The disclaimer will state that the result(s) are provided under certain unknown conditions which may affect test accuracy.

The guidelines of the Sample collection, handling and logistics manual will provide specimen management instructions, which include shipment and storage.

Test Reporting

Upon the moment validated test results are released, HistoGeneX will inform the applicant via e-mail that a lab report is available on the Customer Portal. The Customer Portal is a secured website which requires authentication via username and password.

Contacting the lab

The lab can be contacted from Monday to Friday between 9h00 and 17h30.
Phone: +32 (0)3 502 0514 or +32 (0)3 502 0519 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Protection of Personal Information

HistoGeneX respects the privacy of individuals, including patients, sponsors, health care providers and others. HistoGeneX also respects your privacy. HistoGeneX policy is to safeguard all personal information it receives and maintains, regardless of the form, format, location, or use.

Every HistoGeneX employee and contractor has the obligation to play his or her role in protecting personal information that he or she possesses, accesses or any initiatives involving personal information that he or she is handling. This includes ensuring that all such personal information and the life cycle of that data (to whom it will flow, how it will be stored and retained and archived) is handled and safeguarded in compliance with applicable HistoGeneX policies and procedures and applicable European and national laws and regulations.

Complaint Procedure

At HistoGeneX we aim to provide the best possible lab service. In case you are not satisfied about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us (contact details above). All complaints are thoroughly handled as per our complaint procedure. This encompasses working out a remedial action for the issue (if applicable), performing a detailed root cause investigation, the subsequent implementation of corrective actions and efficacy follow-up on the actions taken. HistoGeneX provides transparent feedback to the complainer on the different phases of the complaint resolution process.